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Adjustable Beds & Platform Board

Modern & Contemporary Adjustable Beds from Room & Board

Our adjustable beds are the slimmest on the market to keep the modern bedroom look you love with the comfort of an adjustable base. We offer a standard and a deluxe adjustable base. Both versions fit in any Room & Board bed frame and work with all Room & Board mattresses, except innerspring.

Our adjustable bases include a remote control which lets you choose unlimited head and leg positions. You can program your favorite support positions to sleep, read, watch TV and more. The preprogrammed Zero G position was developed by NASA for astronauts to sit in as they launched?it distributes body weight and takes pressure off the spine and neck. An auto-flat setting takes the mattress back to its default position, and with the low-profile base design, it looks just like a regular bed. Both adjustable bases operate quietly and have power outage protection, ensuring your bed won?t get stuck in a position if the power goes out. Wall-hugging design allows your head to stay next to your nightstand, even when you change the bed?s position.

Our deluxe adjustable bed frame also includes a downloadable app so you can operate the bed using your smartphone. Dual zone sonic massage provides relaxation for legs and back. And an anti-snore button raises the sleeper?s head for a quieter night?s rest. The deluxe version has built-in USB ports to charge devices conveniently.

Consider an adjustable bed for exceptional, personalized comfort. By finding the perfect position, these bases can help provide restorative sleep and extra comfort when you?re awake. The design allows you to use your regular bedding to complement your bedroom.

Want to try out an adjustable base? Stop in one of our showrooms across the country to discover the comfort for yourself.�